In partnership with Cureate LLC, we've set out to solve the connections between between small businesses in the District of Columbia and the local government. The Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) has initiated the "DC Business Toolkit" project to improve access to local business resources, events, local agencies and service providers and serve as a platform for business networking.

User Profiles

User registration provides a way for business owners to manage their public Business Profile pages, and for agency employees to create and distribute their resources, events, and other useful tools to business owners. Businesses can connect with other business owners and agencies, and save resources for later use.

The platform maintains several integrations (with Quickbase, Google Maps and others) and provides a rich experience for Super Admins to control the dataflow, manage user accounts, access data analytics and export the data from the platform.

"Source Labs has been instrumental to team Cureate, not just in development, but in complex problem solving. Technology is not just about writing code. It is about systems-level thinking of how one interaction will cause ripple effects into further actions taken by a user. Source Labs has been, and will continue to be, integral to team Cureate because of this crucial understanding that products are built with that knowledge in mind."

Kim Bryden, Founder & CEO, Cureate